1. Swimming BSF Academy Tekanpur 5th
2. Water Polo BSF Academy Tekanpur 6th
3. High Board Diving BSF Academy Tekanpur 6th
4. Spring Board Diving BSF Academy Tekanpur 5th
5. Cross Country BSF Academy Tekanpur 3rd
6. Judo Competition FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 1st
7. Wrestling (FS) FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 1st
8. Wrestling (GS) FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 6th
9. Weight Lifting FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 1st
10. Gymnastic FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 3rd
11. Boxing FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 1st
12. Football STC BSF North Bengal 2nd
13. Hockey FTR HQ BSF Punjab 9th
14. Golf - -
15. Badminton FTR HQ BSF Meghalaya 3rd
16. Lawn Tennis FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 5th
17. Athletics FTR HQ BSF Gujarat 4th
18. Volleyball STC BSF JOdhpur 3rd
19. Handball STC BSF JOdhpur 6th
20. Basket Ball STC BSF Jodhpur 7th
21. Kabaddi STC BSF Jodhpur 1st
22. Commando BSF Academy Tekanpur 2nd
23. Computer Competition FHQ (IT Wing) 4th
24. Band Competition 25 BN BSF 4th
25. Anti Sabotage Competition TC & S Hazaribagh 1st
26. Photograph Competition BSF Academy Tekanpur 4th
27. Videography BSF Academy Tekanpur 7th
28. MT Competition CSMT Tekanpur 1st
29. Bugler Competition STC Bangalore 6th
30. Shooting Competition CSWT Indore -

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